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How do I choose a psychotherapist?

How do I choose a Psychotherapist?


When considering a therapist, do not hesitate to enquire about their training, clinical expertise, and experience with treating difficulties like yours. 


Identifying what difficulty you would like to address and seeking out an appropriate referral may be a good initial step for selecting a therapist; however, knowing whether you have found the ‘right’ one will only become evident when you meet, usually after a few sessions. 

Remember, no two therapists are the same, and there are many reasons that a therapist may or may not be a good fit. Behind all the qualifications, the therapist is also a person, and while it is important to give a new therapist a chance (I recommend 2 or 3 sessions), trust your gut! If in doubt, discuss your concerns with your therapist – it may feel a little uncomfortable, but they may be able to accommodate your needs or refer you to someone better suited. Research increasingly points to the quality of the relationship as a key therapeutic variable  - you do not need to write off an entire approach if you are unfortunate enough to have had a bad experience with one therapist.