Therapy Begins Here
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What to expect from therapy?

What to expect from Psychotherapy?


While therapists and therapeutic approaches vary, there are some things that you can expect from most therapists.


Generally, your therapist will want to meet once a week for under an hour (usually, 50 minutes) – the frequency of sessions may vary according to your individual needs and resources. During your first session you will likely do most of the talking as your therapist takes time to understand the nature of your difficulties. Some therapists will structure the first few sessions as an assessment phase, meaning that the first 2-3 sessions will be guided by the therapist and specific questions relating to your history and presenting difficulties.During this time, you and your therapist will begin to clarify your expectations, establish rapport, and hopefully begin to build a connection. This is also your opportunity to ask questions, and get a sense of whether the therapist is a right fit for you.